Frequently Asked Questions

What are your deadlines?

Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.    Our board meets twice a year—in May and December—to consider grant requests.

What forms do you require?

If your organization is invited to submit a formal application, we will ask you to fill out the Philanthropy New York common application form. In addition, we will supply our own one-page template on program goals and outcomes.

Do you support scholarships or other grants to individuals?

The Foundation makes grants only to established 501(c) (3) programs serving disadvantaged young people. We make no grants to individuals.

Do you consider grants to national organizations?

Our grants are solely to programs operating in New York City or directly serving the City’s youth.

Do you fund building projects or the purchase of capital equipment?

We make a very small number of capital grants—but only to organizations that have been long-time Pinkerton grantees and only for projects that allow those programs to expand their direct services to young people.

What time periods do your grants cover?

There is no “standard” Pinkerton grant. Most grants are for a period of one year. We also make a number of two- or three-year grants, but those must be reviewed and confirmed by the board on an annual basis. After three years, most organizations will be ineligible to receive additional grants for at least a three-year period.