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In an interview with the ExCo Leadership Group, Pinkerton trustee Roy Weathers shared insights on the power of mentoring, the importance of cultural dexterity, and his “8-second clock” for gauging relationships.

In an interview with Adam Bryant of the Exco Leadership Group, Pinkerton trustee Roy Weathers shared insights on the power of mentoring, the importance of cultural dexterity, the danger of being paralyzed by trying to be perfect, and his "8-second clock" for gauging relationships.

Leadership Accelerated – Pinkerton Supports Program for Leaders of Color

The Pinkerton Foundation has launched a new program to support leaders of color in the youth service field, the Foundation’s President and CEO Rick Smith announced today.  Open to BIPOC heads of current or former Pinkerton grantees, The Pinkerton Advanced Leadership Network will offer twelve leaders the space, support and professional development resources to sharpen skills, share insights and explore new ways to drive impact in the youth development field.

Interested in the role that “credible messenger” mentors play in youth justice programs?

The short video produced by the Credible Messenger Justice Center, a Pinkerton grantee, tells the story.


Pinkerton has committed nearly $1 million to date to establish the Institute for Transformative Mentoring at New York’s New School. Watch the program’s inspiring video:

Pinkerton Grantee on NY1 – Salvadori Center programs at NYCHA community centers in Staten Island


It took a team of elementary school students several weeks to build this 6 foot long bridge.

“Not everyone gets to learn how to build stuff like this or learn about bridges. I think its really fun,” said a 5th grader.

From Meeting to Impact: How a Funder Offered a New Path for STEM Education – By Jennifer Negron and Saskia Traill

In 2012, ExpandED Schools and the Kelley Collaborative approached The Pinkerton Foundation for funding to launch a NYC STEM Education Network. Building on the work of a Noyce Foundation-supported group in New York City called the Science Alliance, the newly-established Network brought together STEM educators and leaders from a range of professional development organizations for after-school and summer STEM providers.

Pinkerton Grantee in the News – Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI)


Pinkerton Expands Science Mentoring for High School ‘Scholars’


Pinkerton Supports Comprehensive Literacy Initiative in South Jamaica, Queens


Pinkerton Community Fellowship Reflection – A John Jay student looks back at a year of learning and growing


Mind-Builders Arts Center: A New Beginning


Pinkerton Grantee ‘Year Up’ Featured on 60 Minutes


Julie Peterson and Danielle Pulliam Join Pinkerton Program Team


Friends of the Children NY Gets $1.5 Million Pinkerton Grant


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