Mark Hall, Chief Enrollment and Academic Officer at Oliver Scholars, is a passionate advocate for equitable education. A first-generation public school graduate and Amherst College alum with degrees in English and Spanish, Mark’s journey in education began as a teacher at Westminster School and Thayer Academy, where he also coached varsity basketball and track.

After a decade of service as Dean of Students and Director of the PREP 9 program, Mark joined Oliver Scholars from Ascend Public Charter Schools, where he directed the Teaching Fellows Program. There, he initiated a program to recruit and train urban educators.

Mark’s strategic expertise is evident in his remarkable 98% placement rate for scholars in selective high schools. His collaborations with public schools and nonprofits have been pivotal in identifying ideal candidates and achieving successful student outcomes. With graduate coursework from Teachers College and Columbia University and a wealth of educational experience, Mark is well-prepared to engage diverse communities and uphold Oliver Scholars’ commitment to its constituents.