Getting Into Real Life Science and Health Professions

NYAM Receives $50,000 Grant from Pinkerton Foundation to Support Young Women who want to Pursue Careers in the Health Professions


New York — The New York Academy of Medicine’s Office of School Health Programs has received a $50,000 grant from The Pinkerton Foundation for Getting Into Real Life Science (G.I.R.L.S.) and Health Professions, a program developed by NYAM to promote underserved female middle school students’ interest in, and career awareness of, public health, science, and medicine.


Since 2008, G.I.R.L.S. has been engaging participating students in an interactive educational experience that includes health education and careers seminars, basic health skills development, and academic support workshops. The participating girls also interact with minority women health professionals from the greater New York area who have expertise in public health, science, and medicine and serve as positive female role models. All our young women become a part of OSHP’s pathways initiatives for the health professions and have an opportunity to become First Aid and CPR certified.


Pinkerton Foundation President Rick Smith said the grant will go a long way toward encouraging young women to reach their potential in the field of health and medicine and science.


“The Getting Into Real Life Science Program fits perfectly with The Pinkerton Foundation’s mission of helping young people in New York City reach their full potential,” Smith said. “By teaming middle and high school girls with Hispanic and African-American women scientists, physicians and public health professionals, the students learn that they, too, can aspire to meaningful careers in science and health.”


Joanne De Simone Eichel, Director of NYAM’s Office of School Health Programs said the grant is a reaffirmation of the Foundation’s generosity and commitment to young people, particularly young women.


“We are inspired by the outstanding generosity of The Pinkerton Foundation and enormously grateful to them for enabling us to continue the important work of providing underserved populations, specifically young women, with tools to consider and further their careers in the field of public health,” Eichel said.


About the Pinkerton Foundation

The Pinkerton Foundation is an independent grantmaking organization established in 1966 by Robert Allan Pinkerton, the Chairman and CEO of Pinkerton’s, Inc., then the nation’s oldest and largest security company. The foundation, which retains no ties to the firm, supports community-based programs for children, youth and families in economically disadvantaged areas in New York City. Although the foundation considers a wide range of youth development initiatives, Pinkerton favors direct-service programs that have one overriding goal: to help young people reach their full potential. With that in mind, the foundation looks for groups with capable leadership, high expectations, well-defined goals and active, engaged participants. Most of this support takes place in the after-school, weekend or summer hours and focus on providing opportunities for academic development, career readiness and cultural enrichment. The foundation also supports a number of programs that offer a way forward for young people after an encounter with the criminal justice system or years in foster care.


About The New York Academy of Medicine

The New York Academy of Medicine advances the health of people in cities.  An independent organization since 1847, NYAM addresses the health challenges facing the world’s urban populations through interdisciplinary approaches to policy leadership, innovative research, evaluation, education, and community engagement. Drawing on the expertise of diverse partners worldwide and more than 2,000 elected Fellows from across the professions, our current priorities are to create environments in cities that support healthy aging; to strengthen systems that prevent disease and promote the public’s health; and to eliminate health disparities.