Epilogue] Class Dismissed: Defining Equity in our Workforce Field — BY STEVEN L. DAWSON

Today, our workforce is engaged in a renewed examination of equity within our field. Philanthropy is hosting “equity in workforce” webinars, workforce organizations are arranging equity trainings for their staffs, and workforce conferences are mounting panels to reassess our field through an equity lens. Nearly without exception, this examination of equity is defined primarily in racial, and sometimes gender, terms. Which is, without argument, essential. But what is missing?

One response:

  1. Harneen Chernow
    Multi-State Regional Director
    1199SEIU Training & Employment Funds

    This piece is a great way to end the series. Challenging us to look at the biases and assumptions we bring to this work is right on and rarely discussed.
    Equity is the buzzword of the day in many sectors — but it is slow coming to workforce development.
    Thanks for moving the discussion forward.