Danielle Pulliam, Program Officer

Arriving on the campus of Brown University, Danielle Pulliam quickly realized that her Bronx high school hadn’t fully prepared her for the rigors of an Ivy League education. She battled back. After a challenging first year, she earned her degree in computer science and management and joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). In her four years there, Danielle found that her pro bono work was much more rewarding than projects for paying clients.  Her bosses might not have been delighted, but it fueled her interest in public service. She joined the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center (a long-time Pinkerton grantee) and then the United Way, where she earned an MPA from Baruch College through the National Urban Fellows Program.  Later, she worked with Public/Private Ventures and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).  Before joining Pinkerton, Danielle was with the New York City Department of Education as the director of Strategic Partnerships in the Office of Adult and Continuing Education.  We’re pleased by (but promise not to abuse) her ongoing interest in computers and technology—and we are very impressed by her prowess doing the Robot dance. Her focus at Pinkerton will be on programs related to literacy, sports and the arts.