Kendra Clarke, Receptionist

Our cheerful gatekeeper Kendra Clarke credits two strong women with shaping her young life: her grandmother who provided stability during her family’s transition from their home in Guyana and her mother whose fierce commitment to education encouraged Kendra to excel academically. (Mom went back to school and got her bachelor’s degree at 51.) Along the way, a third woman played an influential role as well. Her aunt’s love of the written word helped Kendra hone her writing and her interest in Korean television dramas led Kendra to spend two years in the country teaching English and learning Korean. After returning from Asia, the Hunter College graduate (she also has a TESOL certificate from Teachers College) served as an Afterschool Group Leader and Program Assistant at St. Nicks Alliance, a community development organization in Brooklyn that is a longtime Pinkerton grantee. Kendra’s only been with us for a short time, but we think all those women did a great job.