Morgan Daniels, Program Associate

We didn’t know we were looking for a receptionist who combined an interest in evolutionary biology with a passion for puppetry, but when Morgan Daniels came in for an interview that’s precisely what we found. (The offspring of her twin enthusiasms: a fuzzy Muppet-like amoeba named Eric.)  Perhaps slightly more relevant, Morgan is in the great tradition of past Pinkerton gatekeepers—a winning, welcoming presence to all who call or visit the foundation. The dual-citizenship daughter of a British naval officer and an American from Virginia, Morgan grew up in England and graduated with a degree in sociology from the London School of Economics. After a stint working with actors and comedians at a U.K.-based talent agency, she decided that she wanted to try life in the nonprofit, direct-service world—and that New York was the place to do it. We expect to have to work on her spelling a bit (labour, honour, centre, etc.), but we are looking forward to learning what graduating with “upper second-class honours” actually means. Above all, we are delighted that she crossed the pond to our shores.