Olivia Marion, Administrative Assistant

As the first voice most people hear at the foundation, we wanted to make sure that our receptionist was a cheery, welcoming presence, not a stern gatekeeper. In Olivia, we found just that. We didn’t know we needed an experienced lifeguard, but we got that, too. In fact, her enthusiasm about her work with diverse groups of young people at pools in her hometown of Phoenix—and her deep interest in the youth programs Pinkerton supports– convinced us that she would be a great fit with us. Indeed. In a little over a year, Olivia proved so helpful in so many ways that we happily promoted her to Administrative Assistant.  Olivia graduated with high honors in Women’s and Gender studies from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and spent a year abroad allegedly studying in Amsterdam.  She also won something called The Gold Axe Award at NAU, but we were a little hesitant to ask about that. (Feel free.)